boys_1_1024The Frenchmen know Rezog, Citegay or even Gayvox, the Italians use me2, etc. But is there a real European gay chat website ? 

The answer could be positiv with the website " Gayromeo ". Experiences show that this page is not very often used by the French, while in the other side of the Rhine, it is a real institution! The Germans call it : Die blaue Seiten (the blue pages), because a large number of gay Germans are member of Gayromeo!

Contrary  to several French paying pages, Gayromeo offers almost all basic features for free. Then, you can create a profil, send and receive messages, check soft pictures, surf without limits on profils, write and check announces, etc. No need to avoid peak hours.

This site also offers paying features, like online videos or access to porn pictures (even if there is a method to get round this limit without paying...). GayromeoWEB

Furthermore, this website offers numerous typically German like the "Footprint" (Fußtapsen in German), the possibility to create and join groups, a gay guide for places and shops, etc.

The page is available in 13 languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Serbian and Thai.

Figures are clear, there are around 650.000 members in Europe! The most represented countries in proportion are the German speaking countries (Germany - 330.000 members, Austria -  23.000 members and Switzerland – 30.000 members). In opposition, there are only 39.000 in France, 29.000 for Spain and 20.000 for the UK. Italy is doing better with 55.000 members, while all other smaller European countries have a good average. Which other French website can present such figures? 

2hunks_1024In fact, it is possible to find members in all European countries. Ideal to find contacts when you arrive in a new city or to discover nice places. This website is  very active around topics like HIV prevention or Gay rights movement.

But then, it remains a chat gay with all problems of this kind of website. But I think it is the same everywhere with such websites.

So, Gayromeo, number one of European gay chat website ? Do you have already a profil?

Meanwhile, have a look to the pictures below...